Arnez Grant, aka Founder Ultraa Energi, had his beginnings in the Ballroom Community at the age of 15 and very early on battled his way through the clubs of Washington, D.C./ Baltimore. Being the second home Ballroom Culture, Ultraa would battle with, and simultaneously learn from, Ballroom Icons, Legends and newbies alike, further helping him to develop his own unique vogue styles. Known for his numerous club battles and some major Ball appearances, he’s known for his Hands Performance, Old Way and Vogue Femme, making a statement wherever he goes.


After being exposed to years of watching friends go in and out of sexually and physically abusive relationships that unfortunately existed within some parts of the community, Ultraa made a vow to bring the family aspect of ballroom houses back to its origins. He wanted to create an environment that would promote independence and accomplishing greater life goals once the fantasy celebrity of the Balls were over. On Thanksgiving Day 2002 he founded the House of Energi with then “Father Luminary”, Terrance Energi.   


Founding the House to promote educational goals and social awareness/activism. He along with members of his Energi family, have organized, hosted and participated in a number of workshops, dance art projects, performances and on-going lessons to educate students about this art form. With every new member inducted into the House of Energi he has promoted the philosophy to always leave the world better than you met it, and in doing so has several members worldwide.

While spending a decade in the US Navy, he shifted his focus back to further developing himself as a Ballroom Vogue House Producer with Elite Beatz,Inc. under his mentor and best friend Vjuan Allure himself. The beats he creates are played worldwide.