Stacey Stokes, most commonly known as “Mama” among the local club-dance community, is a pillar of the Bay Area underground House scene.  Born and raised here in the Bay Area, Stacey has been an active member of the House community since the 1980's.  He has seen the rise and fall of many legendary Bay Area underground parties, including Sound Factory, Toon Town and Rhythm, and Nickname 2000, to name a few.  

Stacey received the nickname “The Light” from his dear friend and fellow dancer Gabi, because he is just that – the Light of any space he occupies!  When Mama enters the club, you KNOW it!  Just like House music, Stacey is a feeling that infects those around him in the most positive of ways.

Stacey has been dancing since he was “knee high to a turtle.”  Dancing brings him so much joy!  He is the type of dancer that likes to mix a variety of styles together to create his own style. A lover of all types of music, Stacey feels a special connection to House music.  This passion drives him to hit the dance floor most weekends to find the release and joy in the music.  When lost in the moment, Stacey is the embodiment of House dance at its core…raw, soulful, and a force to be reckoned with.  He also walks a fierce runway!  Stacey is the acting Mother of House of Energi’s West Coast chapter.  His wisdom and perspective help guide the House children both on and off the dance floor.

Some words of advice from Mama: “Live your life and love the life you live!”