Kenny Neo Energi is a freestyle dancer and an experience designer. His primary styles include Vogue, Whacking, and Hustle. The Bay Area holds a special place in his heart. There, he found his chosen family in the Energi’s, developed a love for cyphering and soulful house clubs, and met the many dancers who taught him his foundations in Vogue, Whacking, and Hustle. Still early in his freestyle career, he’s hungry to continue growing in these styles with the Energi’s, the Bay Area freestyle community, and dancers from around the world he chances upon.

As an experience designer, he often has clients in technology and recognizes that a lot of the field designs for the majority. He takes an avid role in advocating for inclusion and diversity, keeping in mind the impact of his work on under-represented communities and those with technological disabilities (e.g. color blindness, hard of hearing, etc). He’s a strong advocate for education and youth empowerment and has worked closely with his work family, Awasu Design, on education technology projects that have impacted over 20 million students in total.”

2018 Vogue Nights "The Afterlife", Grand Prize Virgin Performance with Alora Fanua Energi