What is life deprived of the forms of expression?

Dance was a source of release from the reality of the outside world. In teenage development I struggled with my sexuality that caused me to begin a journey in search of my absolute truth. It was between the year 2000 through 2003 that I began to travel to Baltimore, MD to a club Called “The Paradox” it was there that I was introduced to the elements of vogue and was given the freedom to express my inner truth and leave it on the dance floor.

The Paradox provided a safe place for expression with their rooms divided with a choice of genre that included Hip-Hop, Baltimore Club, House Music, Go-Go and “the Beats”. The Paradox became my weekend getaway.


The House of Energi in perspective was a spark of Energi from the heart that transformed the inner thoughts of its predecessors to embody the true essence of true values of a house structure. In return the house provided love, support, trust to its family unit; in all forms of encouragement and acts of love that continues to permeate to this day.

As a predecessor I would encourage the members of the House of Energi moving forward, to build on the foundations that was already laid in times past. Establish the principles; build with diligence to create not only a covenant of dance through love, but a platform for spiritual, intellectual and personal growth and achievement. Keeping in remembrance the reasons we fled to the dance floor.