Leezy Energi

Leezy Energi is a Taiwanese-American visual and movement artist, mental health therapist (currently serving foster youth all over the East Bay), and voguer of the Old Way, the Only Way.  

For Leezy, participation in Ballroom has been a vehicle for healing, integrating fragmented aspects of himself, and transformation.  The familial aspect of being in a loving supportive House has been healing and deeply corrective after his own difficult family history.  Becoming a stronger performer and voguer has asked him to continually examine all aspects of himself, celebrate his cultural identities, challenge himself in numerous ways, and pay forward the immense inspiration he has gained from other mentors, elders, and past and current members of Ballroom.

Leezy is proud to have been additionally adopted by Legenday Kia LaBeija (overall mother of the House of LaBeija) and Legendary Justin Monster LaBeija as his gay mom and gay dad.  He credits Kia LaBeija as one of his biggest inspirations and mentors who sparked his love for Old Way and guided him along his journey.  He credits Father Ryan Energi as another one of his original teachers and guides in the art form of Old Way.  Leezy has additionally studied with Icon Jamal Milan (the "Michael Jordan of Ballroom" and a true pioneer of Pop Dip Spin), Icon Stanley Milan, and Icon Father Julian De La Blanca (founder of the House of De La Blanca).  In addition to West Coast balls, Leezy is proud to have walked the runways of Latex Ball 2017 for the Old Way category and then Heritage Ball 2018 for the Pop Dip Spin category.  His favorite, most memorable trophy / win was Ovahness Ball 2017 for Old Way vs. New Way in Los Angeles.