Anita Daahling Energi is a dancer, artist, designer, ceremonialist and cultural educator living in the Mission District of San Francisco. She was born in Mexico to a family of musicians who taught her how to work the stage since she was a kid. Anita has over 16 years of formal dance experience in urban and international folk dance styles. As a nationally-exhibited artist, Anita specializes in Días de los Muertos paintings, altars and ceremony.  

Daahling was adopted by Father Ryan Energi on February 13, 2015.  In her Ballroom career, Anita has walked the following categories in the Bay Area, Los Angeles & New York: Women’s Performance, Female Figure Performance, Old Way, Hands Performance, and Best Dressed.  She has snatched trophies in several of those categories. She also designs all of her looks and effects.  In 2017, Anita made the "Top 25 Looks of Latex Ball 2017" by Elle Magazine's online presence:  
In addition to her work in the mainstream Ballroom community, Anita is also West Coast Overseer for the Kiki House of Gabbana.

Anita sees cultural preservation as integral to the health and well-being of a community.  After obtaining her Masters in Public Health policy and community education, Anita transitioned to a career in arts non-profits. She is committed to youth leadership development and has helped facilitate collaborations between House of Energi and San Francisco Unified School District GSA to bring Ballroom culture to Queer Youth. 

Please note that in her Ballroom career Anita has been given many names by those who have seen her walk the runway.  To date, these are her names:  
Anita Lolita Magdalena Yolanda Rosario LadyBug Daahling Energi